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by Andy on March 18, 2012

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Back in the early days of HYA the thought of letting other people write on HYA scared me, I didn’t want to lose control of what was being put on the site, and heaven forbid something was posted that wasn’t on the schedule! These days I’ve become more relaxed about the situation and realised that for the site to grow and appeal to more people it’s important to have more than just my viewpoint on the site, and to provide all your readers with a wider range of t-shirts and clothing.

I’ve been slowly adding to the writing team over the past few months and I really like it, it feels good to have lots of people dropping in with something they’ve found or to cover the latest news, it feels like HYA isn’t just about me anymore and I like that, I want it to be a bigger part of the t-shirt community and become something that can be a real force to help and support t-shirt brands grow.

To show that Hide Your Arms is no longer a one-man operation (sure, I do most of the heavy lifting, but the load is getting lighter) I have put together a contributors page to recognise the people that make up the HYA writing team. Each writer has a little bio and a couple of links showing you where you can find them around the web, their posts on HYA, and also a picture so that we can put a face to the name that you seen in the byline on each post (like this one, but you guys probably know who I am already).

If you would like to join the team and write on HYA then I am always looking to take people on who have a passion for clothing of any kind (it doesn’t have to just be tees, this site started out being about hoodies, remember?). Please get in touch via the contact form or send me an e-mail ( letting me know who you are, what brands and kinds of clothes you like, and anywhere I can find your writing online if possible. Experience blogging is definitely not a requirement, though it would be useful.

  • Doug

    Hello team!!

  • yanmos

    Hello there! Hope to give us some great posts…

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