New at Threadless this Week + Sale (19/03/2012)

by DeeHYA on March 19, 2012

Oh yay a sale! $9.99 bargain beautiful tees, including newbie tees. Great super Threadless joy. I actually ordered my fella a tee at the weekend but luckily it was a $9 bargain tee anyways.

So here we go with some bargain new tees before they get snapped up! Firstly because I can see it appealing to Stateside patriotic rockers Superpower Ballad by Aled Lewis, Statue of Liberty rockin’ with a lighter! Rock on!

The next design looks very much like an illustration from a book, its very gentle in colours but beautiful to look at. I do wonder why tees on Threadless like Hooded by Diego Fernandez are printed in guy fit. I can’t think of any guys who would wear this, although I do have hoodie from Threadless and the design is called ‘Juliet’ and I’ve see a few pics of guys in it looking awesome.

I think this tee because it shows the insides of a body without being in anyway gross. I also think the blue, red and white print just look perfect with the Asphalt tee.  Jump! by Nino Benito is another tee which I think is more suitable for a girly but Ithink it’s super original and I’d welcome it into my Threadless collection.

There are not enough orange tees on Threadless, sadly I don’t own one, but they always look a nice bright, rich orange in the model pics, I don’t know why they’ve decided to make the kids version red instead. I just don’t think it works. The Original Copycat by Budi Satria Kwan is an adorable and clever design for all kitty lovers. I Can Haz Orange Tee? I also enjoy the  clone images they have done for this tee.

My fave of the newbie tees this week, it has very whimsical feel to it and this is the sort of tee I would purchase for myself and my boyfriend would hate. The Night Sky Maker by Andres Colimedaglia is a Threadless tee that is deffo worth a look!







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