“Space Monkey” t-shirt by Fanboy30 at Tshirt Contest [Submitted]

by Tod on March 22, 2012

This week at http://tshirtcontest.com we bring you a page from that enchanting movie ‘Fight Club’, ‘Space Monkey’ by by Fanboy30! Yes, my beautiful and unique snowflakes, you too can become a Space Monkeys!

Fanboy30, better known as Matt in real life, is an Englishman now living in Canada. Originally from a sleepy coastal town in Devon called Sidmouth but now resides in a larger but equally sleepy city in Nova Scotia. He tells us that his T-shirt designs feed his unhealthy toy collecting habit which mainly consists of Transformers, Star Wars and Lego. He is also a photography graduate. You can find a wide range of artwork in his portfolio on RedBubble and Society6.

“I am Matt’s geeky intent….I am Matt’s nerd rage… I am Matt’s complete lack of reality”


Feel free to follow his madman ramblings on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

This post was submitted by Tod.

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