T-shirt news for March 26th

by Andy on March 26, 2012

I find it kind of odd that people would want to wear the mascot for an operating system, but this shirt from TeeFury ain’t too bad.

Shirt.Woot revamp the original cute cat poster.

I like The IT Crowd, I have a NES under my TV, and I like t-shirts. I like this from RIPT. Pretty sure I’ve written about this design in the past…

Qwertee salute the TV show Supernatural.

Great Nintendo pun shirt at Shirt Punch.

An unexpected zombies x Burger King mashup at Nowhere Bad.

Very nice Banksy-inspired Halo shirt at The Yetee.

Big Bang Theory’s signature song gets some typography attention at OtherTees.

TeeMinus24 seem to be in some kind of alternate dimension where Han is running an airline.

24tee put Cee Lo Green’s face on a t-shirt.

Back To The Future meets Doctor Who for some reason at TeeRaiders.

Slightly provocative shirt at DBH (voting is open in the Dark Knight contest too, use coupon code IVOTED4DKR for 15% off sitewide).

Couple of new shirts up for pre-order at Goodjoe.

‘Milk & Tri-Force Cookies’ is a great new design at GraphicLab.

There are 4 shirts up this week at Shirt Vegas.

Made in the Now highlight a Chinese attack upon the Dalai Lama accusing him of Nazi policies. I think this is one of their best designs since I’ve been following their work, though I’m sure you’d end up explaining it to a lot of people.

Fibertopic have a #failwhale shirt up for a few more hours.

WeLoveFine.com added an ‘art deco‘ category of designs last week.

Couple of new shirts up at laFraise.

Chinese people will put anything on a t-shirt.

But sometimes when they do it looks cool.

I added a load of new stuff to Rigu that you should check out and buy.

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