T-shirt news for March 27th

by Andy on March 27, 2012

half life t-shirts

Considering how popular Half Life is it’s no wonder that TeeFury decided it would be a good idea to produce a related shirt.

Shirt.Woot drop one of my favourite Star Wars t-shirts for a while.

Nice Sherlock shirt from RIPT today.

I may not know a huge amount about the Harry Potter universe but I like this name tag shirt at Qwertee.

The many faces of Johnny Depp at Shirt Punch.

Neil deGrasse Tyson makes an appearance at 24tee.

Tshirt Contest add a Hunger Games t-shirt to their lineup (and I’ll be adding it to the epic Hunger Games t-shirt list).

Collisiontheory hit’s DBH again (Matt has taken a closer look at this design).

Made in the Now ponder oil being found in Kenya.

#JamesCameron is trending on Twitter thanks to his record-breaking dive to the depths of the Mariana trench, and Fibertopic are recognising that with this t-shirt featuring someone else who lives at the bottom of the sea.

Ugmonk have released some leather mouspads.

Breakaway Ink have been added to the Boston Tee Party charity raffle.

Three new designs are up at Camiseteria.

La Muerta are giving away goods in hopes of reaching the next round of Tee Madness.

This isn’t exactly the kind of thing I usually write about, but I like geek.chic so I’ll throw them a bone in this case.

WeLoveFine.com have added a bunch of Marvel themed polo shirts to their store.

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