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April 2012

lafraise t-shirts

Another nice couple of shirts from laFraise, these posts practically write themselves!


Post image for Status Serigraph – Tees, Posters, & Sales, Oh My!

“Medicine heals the body, music heals the soul”, my thoughts exactly. Being a lover of music, I have been captured by this tee over at Status Serigraph. Showcasing just a small number of tees (it’s a small selection, but very nicely designed and that’s what really counts), Status Serigraph’s main focus is prints – and what makes it even better? Most of them are hand-printed concert posters, like the two lovelies pictured below.

Also sign up at and take advantage of the sale on Status Serigraph – only 4 days left, so hurry! Nice bunch of tees on sale (some of them shown below, my favorites of course), as well as prints on sale, lots of them!

Keep up with Status Serigraph: Facebook, Twitter, Shop
Tees $20-$25, Posters $20-$35 Sale $18.50-$29.60


8-Bit Zombie Bub’s Records Top Review

by Ben_P on April 30, 2012

Post image for 8-Bit Zombie Bub’s Records Top Review

While I was waiting for my 8-Bit Zombie (8BZ) package, I felt like one of Pavlov’s Dogs. The door bell would ring and my mouth would salivate over the thought of the fresh, sweet joy of a new top. To my dismay however on most of the occasions it was just a door-to-door sales person or something equally uninspiring. Alas.

Success occurred finally and I was blessed with the presence of a delightful looking package neatly stuck together with an 8BZ logo sticker. The package didn’t stay neat for long. Upon opening the pack I found the top, a hat and a slew of goodies which greatly surprised me. The goodies contained a few badges, trading cards based on 80’s films and games and a vintage Muscle Man toy. I digress.

This is the first vest top that I’ve actually ever worn so for me it was an unusual feeling. It certainly felt snug and nice against my skin but I don’t think the top flattered my physique in any way shape or form, however this may be the gentle kick I need to get in to shape. The design is based upon Bub’s from George A Romero’s film Day Of The Dead. Having watched the film I struggled to remember the character but a few quick google searches and I could see the inspiration clearly. 

The print quality is fantastic and certainly feels like it will last a long time and even if it were to crack it certainly wouldn’t ruin the design of the shirt unlike other designs out there. I’ve yet to actually wash the top because frankly I don’t want to take it off, but I have faith that it will wash and iron well. 

(I want to note here that I am truly sorry for my appalling photo, I’m in no way shape or form a photogenic person.  Please don’t let this reflect poorly upon the top! )

The top is both printed on the front and the back and the design is something I absolutely love and reflects my punk rock taste, it will certainly become one of my most worn tops. For the amount of work that has clearly gone into this I think $20 is brilliant value for the top. I’ve already received positive comments and general jealousy toward this top from my friends, this coupled with the fact the design is almost sold out entirely on the website shows just how popular the top really is. Here is to hoping he gets more reprints in so more people can enjoy the shirts!


The top really goes well with the black and white snap-back hat that Ross kindly sent me too. The hat has Gizmo from Gremlins on it with a multicolour screen print on the peak too. Again the print quality is great and I’m very curious to see the process behind screen printing the peak of the hat, because it certainly looks like it could be fiddly. It’s nice to see some really unique hats being made as well because I like my all of my clothes to reflect my tastes, not just my tops. I don’t generally wear hats because I find hats that are readily available in the UK to either be flat peaks which I don’t think I can pull off, or boring designs. This is neither and is likely to become my main hat of choice in my wardrobe.

(Because I was so un photogenic I decided to use my lovely nephew for a hat pose! He photos far better than I. Proud uncle here!)

It really must seem that I’ve been paid* to write fantastic words about 8BZ but in all honesty I love the shirts and it’s the main reason I started getting in contact with them because I was so drawn in by the designs. I’m not sure why I’m defending myself to you the readers, but I’m sure if you check out or purchase any of the stuff from 8BZ you are likely to agree with me. If you are interested in 8-Bit Zombie then definitely check out their website for more interesting retro shirts (and hats)



*8BZ Where is my cheque?


Massive Sale at Chemical Records

by Mr Four Fingers on April 30, 2012

Sale at chemical records

Check out the huge sale at Chemical Records with discounts up to 75% and include most clothing items. I will find it hard resisting buying something.




hibernation wear t-shirt

I’m not entirely sure why but I like this design from new brand Dusty Paw, it’s just kind of fun, and that it’s printed on a bamboo tee makes it all the more appealing.

Costiness=£22.99 Buy it at Dusty Paw (currently their only shirt on sale)


Ambush Apparel release SS12 Collection

by Andy on April 29, 2012

ambush apparel

Can’t say that I’d heard of Ambush Apparel before they got in touch, but they have a polished look that suggests they have more experience than a brand putting out their sophomore release. The logo shirt isn’t particularly expiring, if you’re a fan of Ambush then I’m sure you’ll like it but there’s not a lot there for a newbie such as myself. The other designs are pretty interesting though, and good to see a brand putting out a couple of tank tops in anticipation of Summer, gives me hope that the sun might appear on this chilly British weekend.


you can paint your future t-shirt

You guys know that I’m a sucker for the use of negative space (or text in this case) and I like the combo of the positive message with the paint splatters, so all in all, pretty nice from Ekozania!

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at Ekozania


Shark with pixelated teeth!

by Matt on April 28, 2012

Post image for Shark with pixelated teeth!

This was one of the first DBH shirts I ever bought and it definitely helped me fall in love with Design By Hümans. First printed on black for it’s Shirt of the Day win in September 2008, it is now back in it’s original form where it should be. Over the past 3 1/2 years, it’s been reprinted on navy, aqua, and silver
(for kids), but none of them look nearly as good as the original. The design really pops right off the black shirt, as if the shark is coming to bite you with his pixelated teeth.

Available for $20 at Design By Hümans. I definitely recommend picking this up as it probably won’t last long. And who knows what color they’ll print it on next…


galaxy of the mind t-shirt

One of the neat things about this shirt is that for every tee that The Age of Sunshine sell they’ll plant a tree in the Amazon. Not them personally, but these guys. You’d think that would push up the price, but as you’ll notice from the costiness, this shirt isn’t expensive by any stretch of the imagination.

Costiness=$12 Buy it at TAOS


Sorry my Threadless blog is so late! I’m moving house and everything is a bit mental in ‘Dee World’. I will do my New Today/Back Today blog now and I will pump one out about the reprints/ Monthly showcase later! Hope all of you managed to grab some awesome sale bargains!

New Today (for Thursday) was Big Dill by Phil Jones, there is nothing not to like about this tee unless you hate pickles. I remember getting addicted to Gherkins and dipping them in white chocolate with my fondue when I was pregnant. Probably my weirdest craving, this tee brought all those memories back. I love the green colour print against the baby blue! Fab tee.

Back today was A (Very) Long Time Ago by Bocognani Vincent insinuates that Yoda mated with an Ewok to make Gizmo! How very controversial! If you want people talking about your tee this is definitely one to purchase!

New today for yesterday was Werewolf in the Moon by Javier Ramos Eguiluz, I really like this angular astronaut werewolf, it’s well designed has a retro computer game feel.  I really like the placement of this design too.

Lastly and one of my favourites on Threadless that I don’t yet own Monster in the Closet by Efrem Palacios has a Monsters Inc feel to it and I also love that the model pics are sort of hilarious!







electric earth clothing

Electric Earth are quite a new t-shirt label from the UK, but they have comes out of their corner swinging and they’ve already got a decent selection of likable designs. The shirts are organic, which is always nice to see, but that hasn’t resulted in the price being pushed up to exorbitant levels, which as you’d imagine is always nice to see, I hate it when brands take the ‘organic’ term as a license to boost their profits. Promising start from this brand, I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Costiness=£18.99 Buy it at Electric Earth Mens / Womens


pop chart labs controllers t-shirt

Sometimes I let an e-mail sit in my inbox saying to myself “I’ll check it tomorrow” and invariably that tomorrow goes on to the next day and the next, and usually it’s just another crappy t-shirt company that has a lot of hopes and no talent or drive to back it up, but every so often it’s a collection of fantastic tees like the ones above and I feel a bit stupid for not checking out the site sooner.

Clearly a fantastic amount of work has gone into creating these shirts at Pop Chart Lab, I’m pretty blown away by the designs showing the ‘grand taxonomy of rap names’ and ‘the very many types of beer’. They’re still all available (howe bad would i have been if they’d sold out before I wrote about them?) and they’re $18-20 each.


Limited Edition Sale at Design By Hümans

by Matt on April 27, 2012

Post image for Limited Edition Sale at Design By Hümans

All Limited Edition tees at Design By Hümans are on sale for only $15 all weekend. This includes all the special colorways of previous prints they’ve been releasing on Fridays, as well as the DBH Artist Logo Series. These shirts are all truly limited and will not be printed again. So get them on sale before they’re gone!


Welcome to Notorietees, a new column here at Hide Your Arms that will chronicle “problem” shirts that fall a bit further afield from the general programming you’ve grown accustomed to. Tees in the news, tees making waves, tees raising hackles, tees giving pause, tees with an edge — all are fodder for discussion (and snarky commentary).

>Our first controversy conteeversy (groan…) wrestles with the sticky nature of identity and authenticity. NYC & Company, “the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York,” has partnered with Aéropostale on a product range that celebrates city agencies such as the NYPD (sample embedded below).

Home is where the art is.

The program’s goal are moderately laudable; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt collection “will benefit the New York City Police Foundation and the FDNY Foundation,” but as critics have noted there’s one glaring problem: the tees are manufactured and screened in, gasp, Central America. Embarrassing… [DNA Info]

>Embedded below is a bootlegged design of noted curmudgeon Jim Leyland puffing on a cancer stick. Leyland, the manager of the Detroit Tigers (American hardball), has been reported to sneak a cig in the dugout between innings, much to the dismay of Major League Baseball and its image conscious handlers. [Detroit News]

Drag Bunt

>UK-retailer Topman posted a pair of dodgy slogans last month only to later remove them in the wake of a wicked (if predictable) backlash. [Jezebel]


>Glimpsed on a television broadcast earlier this month at a Toronto Blue Jays game: a pair of enthusiastic fans and their randy puns that riff on baseball verbiage (and proposition the team’s studly catcher, J.P. Arencibia). [Deadspin]

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Couple of new bike shirts from Super7

by Andy on April 27, 2012

bike collage t-shirt

You know how they say you never forget how to ride a bike? That may well be true, but I hopped on my girlfriend’s bike a couple of months ago (after many years of not being on two wheels) and it felt as if I was seconds from imminent death putting my feet on the ground the whole time.

Anyway, my fears of falling over aside, these are some pretty neat bicycle based shirts from San Francisco’s Super7, and they’re available now for $30 each.


Daily t-shirt releases for April 27th

by Andy on April 27, 2012

lord of the rings giving tree t-shirt

Lord of the Rings meets the Giving Tree at TeeFury today.

‘Cat Nouveau’ hits Shirt.Woot.

Futurama meets Starbucks in this delightful shirt at RIPT.
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“Black Diamond” t-shirt by Electro Kid

by Andy on April 27, 2012

black diamond electro kid t-shirt

I do wish that the Electro Kid website was a bit cleaner and restrained, because if you take the time to peel back the layers you’ll find this lovely t-shirt, but I wonder how many people are going to take the time to click around to the shop. I know it’s only three clicks to get to the t-shirt, but that’s quite a lot these days.

Costiness=£19.99 Buy it at Electro Kid

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homer simpson funny round is a shape t-shirt

This isn’t typical HYA style, but then going to the gym isn’t exactly typical HYA style. I’ll happily spend an hour going up and down the lane in a pool even though I’m usually the biggest guy in there, but the notion of entering a gym and doing anything other than going on the rowing machine or bike fills me with dread. It might not be the case, but it certainly feels like in every gym I’ve set foot in that I’m being judged because I’m not sculpted from marble, and this shirt from 80sTees would make me feel a lot better about myself, because I may not be perfect but I’m trying, dammit.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees

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lion wolf t-shirt from camiseteria

The day Camiseteria open a shop in English and with the ability for international visitors to order something easily I will be a happy man. For Portuguese readers here’s their blog post about these two new shirts.


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