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by Andy on April 1, 2012

[sic] apparel

I usually try not to post too many Kickstarter projects on HYA because there’s an awful lot of them on there and it’s hard to tell which of them offer good value to the consumer, and part of me often wonder why with a t-shirt company the Kickstarter route is needed anyway, since it’s very hard to be innovative in the t-shirt world, and I worry that brands starting with such a lot of starting capital and (for a tee company) and pressure (they’ll have a lot of orders to deal with initially) will be running before they can walk. That said, I think that [SIC] Apparel have some really cool tees and they seem like a good bunch so I want them to do well. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Simply put, [SIC] APPAREL is garage operation made up of individuals who enjoy creating art together. Fairly standard for a start up apparel company, but they seem to have an angle. The collective is made up of a group of talented and dedicated artists. These artists treat the shirts you buy like a canvas: each shirt you buy is a piece of art. The selling of these shirts benefits the artists by spreading their work far and wide across the world. The artists at [SIC] also work to support causes by dedicating the funds of many their shirt designs to particular non profit organizations. The [SIC] facility is an energetic and creative space for artists that works to develop unique and superior apparel.

To be frank, their angle isn’t that unique, but that isn’t really too important as far as I’m concerned, the t-shirts are the most important aspect and from the photos we have up top they look good. I do question whether they need to get $18,000 in startup funding though. I understand that the majority of this will be going on tooling and equipment, but if I were doing this I would outsource the printing initially to cut costs and then when they have gained popularity switch things over to their own equipment. They have an eco-conscious ethos, so I can see why they want to do everything themselves and ensure that everything is above board, but I do worry that setting themselves a target of $18,000 needing to be raised within a month is going to put off quite a lot of people from making a pledge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Abelson/100001777732000 Adam Abelson

    Nope. From their video, it looks like they already own the equipment. Maybe they’re just dreaming big.

  • Haneh Smith

    I backed them. It does seem odd that they have a machine in the video but it is small and if they are talking about supporting orders expansion would be necessary I guess. I think they do also mention that all the shirts are printed by hand so outsourcing the work might not work so well.

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