ENGRAM CLOTHING : Review and Images (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ironspider)

by DeeHYA on April 3, 2012

So I contacted an awesome tee company and Etsy and suggested doing a Hide Your Arms blog for them, I was attracted to them because of their awesome Star Wars designs and general feel of their Etsy store. Quite a lot of their tees have a bit of a Banksy feel which I know is something that people will love or hate. They don’t just do Star Wars tees either they also have a pretty awesome Owl design, a Panda, Alien attack, Zombie Mickey Mouse but generally they are all about the Star Wars.

Like I said I was there for the Star Wars designs, my personal favourite of the designs is the one I am wearing above which is called Vader’s First Crew which shows Darth with all his Stormtroopers in Sailor Outfits. It’s printed on a lovely super high quality American Apparel tee and this particular design is printed on Creme, which i think totally works because of the design.

They have an awesome AT-AT Pet one which is available in all sorts of colours, a Darth on a bike which they also prints onto a super sexy tank. I am also enjoying the genius (both the title and design) of the Smarttrooper tee!

They have a mixtures of sizes, colours and styles so if I haven’t linked you up to the one you want you should browse the store further, I think it’s well worth it. Also the fella in charge seems so nice I’m sure if you couldn’t see what you wanted he would help you out. They also do Kids and Baby sizes too, and I know how hard it can be to get awesome, original geek clothes for little ones.

I love my tees fit, colour and it washes spectacularly. If I have any spare pennies I plan to invest in their Darth Vader is Riding It tank because it looks super sexy. I highly recommend Engram Clothing and think you should all fave them on Etsy and buy their gear!





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