SpeakEasy T-shirt Review and It’s Pandamonium!

by Leah on April 4, 2012

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I was more than happy the other day when opening my mailbox and seeing SpeakEasy staring right back at me! As I walked back to my house, excited and eager, I ripped open the mailer to reveal Pandamonium, a tee that immediately touched my heart – my favorite animal, a panda (and a heavy metal looking panda at that.) I love pandas, I love heavy music… so you can see why I enjoy this tee. Obviously Kiss inspired, this panda has a bold look and definitely is compelling with it’s splash of red, as well as it’s wild expression, messy fur and it’s hard not to notice, but very necessary, massive tongue.

Before I tried it on (which is usually within seconds of opening the package), I was distracted by the cool tags and stickers. Goodies like these are always a plus to me – an added bonus and fun surprise! The tag on the shirt has their logo and cleverly shows the size of the tee. A nicely designed paper tag with the logo and their website clearly printed on it is held onto the t-shirt by a SpeakEasy logo button; to me that’s a very, very nice touch.

Of course I then flipped over the paper tag and was instantly smiling when I found out that when you purchase this particular tee from SpeakEasy, they donate 15% of their profits to Pandas International (an organization dedicated to ensuring the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda.) As a matter of fact, SpeakEasy donates to an assorted number of organizations depending on what tee attracts you; it’s really refreshing to see a brand so dedicated to linking their tees to such a great cause.

After admiring the bonuses that came with the t-shirt, I then put it on! I quite like the fit – not too tight, not too loose. The blank itself is soft and feels good to the touch. The print is a just a bit stiff, but certainly after a wash or two that will all change. What really got my attention was the logo printed on the back shoulder, and not only is it the logo, but it’s slightly changed to fit the personality of the tee giving it that rocker edge. Well done, I say!

I  am pleased with SpeakEasy – I respect their mission and enjoy their style, so I plan on purchasing from them in the future. Though their tees are priced a bit high at $24.99 each, one has to remember a portion of it is going to a cause or organization and I would say that’s well worth it, don’t you?

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