My Favourite Shows, My Favourite Tees

by Ben_P on April 6, 2012

I watch a lot of television shows… and I mean a lot. As a fan of different shows I also love telling the world about it and what better way of expressing my views than through a T-shirt. A lot of these T-shirts are going to be the officially licensed shirts but I will try to include unique and independently designed shirts that pay homage to these shows too.


One of my favourite shows of all time has to be Chuck. The not so sauve comedy spy series about a nerd. Some of the best story lines in this show are the spin offs and that’s why this Jeffster T-Shirt is amazing, for you non-Chuck fans Jeffster is a band in the series. Surprisingly a really nifty design for an officially licensed product, they usually in my opinion lack creativity and are dull. However in this case I’d certainly wear this shirt. You can also find a slew of other merchandise including tees on the Chuck site.




Parks & Recreation, another amazing show that I’ve only just gotten into, but I slammed through every episode out within the period of a week, and you know why, because I’m Ron Swanson. Okay, maybe I’m not but I can definitely feel the part wearing this shirt. It’s basic, it’s not particularly creative but the sheer fact that it’s Ron Swanson makes up for this in my opinion.


If Ron Swanson isn’t your guy (how dare you) then no one can deny the brilliance of Li’l Sebastian. If you don’t like Li’l Sebastian you are heartless and that is a fact.

Dexter, the amazing show about the serial killer. While searching for the shirts for this I’ve stumbled across many creative pieces for this show. Two shirts really stood out to me available at RedBubble, I’m a big fan of comedy mash up shirts so these really suited my personal taste. First a humorous Scream / Dexter combination. The second a Captain Morgan’s / Dexter mash up which is just delightful.

As a huge Sopranos fan I found this next shirt quite funny. If you don’t get the reference you need to watch more of the show. Over at Cafe Press you can get a variety of merchandise with this design on it. If you’d rather a more authentic shirt showing off the cast of the Sopranos there are many available, but really they’re not as interesting and I prefer the little references like Cleaver or Bada Bing.

This list would not be complete without It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia being mentioned. Some of the best shirts are from this show, although I am biased because I absolutely LOVE it. The most famous being Charlie’s horse shirt. There are so many more shirts though, such as Mac’s famous Riot shirt.

There are so many more TV shows that I watch and may more shirts that I could post but I don’t want to condense it all down into one blog post which many people may be unwilling to read through. So I’ll leave it at this, but in the future I will put up more posts regarding television T-Shirts.

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