New designs at HOTLIFE

by Mr Four Fingers on April 7, 2012


I don’t belong to any gang, crew or band (mff represent), so if I wear one of HOTLIFE’S t-shirts do I somehow span the ocean and and become a part of the HOTLIFE Crew? Who knows. What I do know is that they have some sweet ass designs, innit.

Reading more about HOTLIFE, I found they  have strong ties in punk music scene and their roots are  in designing flyers and t-shirts for various bands. With that success, they created HOTLIFE and keep to their honest, grassroots principles to assure that their art is original, hand-drawn and always cared for personally

If you find the mainly type driven designs too much of a statement about how hardcore you are (well probably not) then try out a chopped up snake in the Join or Die design, which is wicked. I seem to have a massive attraction to black t-shirts.

If you enjoy real punk life or want to man up a bit then head over to HOTLIFE and grab a t-shirt for $20. They are currently sold out in a lot of designs, but their blog states that they will be re-printing various designs.



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