Distorted Marge Simpson t-shirt at Red Bubble

by Ben_P on April 7, 2012

marge simpson t-shirt

I’m loathed to post about RedBubble shirts so often, but it is a good way of seeing interesting shirts. Don’t get me wrong, this shirt is appalling in every way possible. Does that stop me wanting it? No it does not. I’d totally wear the hell out of that shirt because it reminds me of a classic scene in The Simpsons and really it was designed as a rubbish shirt; which certainly it succeeds at being. I do wonder if anyone has actually purchased it. 

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  • Izzy

    I attempted to purchase that T-shirt from Red Bubble. I was very excited to find it as I had been searching for it for years. Red Bubble claims they shipped it to me 3 times, yet I never received it. I asked them to sent it via UPS or FedEx so the package could be trackable but they refused. At least they refunded my money. Overall I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with Red Bubble, and while I still very much desire that shirt I refuse to support them.

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Hi Izzy, I can see why you’d be frustrated, but you should bear in mind that they have shipped it to you 3 times (they’re a big business, they wouldn’t just make that kind of thing up) and given you a refund so all you’ve lost is a bit of time whereas they’ve lost 3 tees, printing ink, and shipping fees.

  • Izzy

    As a big business I feel they are responsible for the delivery of their orders. I’m sorry if I seem apathetic.

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I’m probably being a bit defensive because I run a small business and have to deal with people that are frustrated their packages haven’t made it to them when I’m trying the best I can (it’s http://www.rigu.co.uk in case you aren’t a regular reader of the site).

    Clearly, something went wrong, but once the package is out of their hands there isn’t really much that they can do beyond hope.

    Oooh, I’ve though of a possible solution for you. Perhaps you could contact the designer and ask them to put it on a different POD site (like Spreadshirt or possibly MySoti)?

  • Izzy

    Great minds =) I actually had the same thought about contacting the artist. Searching for the shirt again was how I came across your post.

  • smeared
  • Doh

    I find the graphic itself to be too small, I know they have to alter it to some degree, but it’s far too small.. I was super excited about this shirt D:

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