Daily t-shirt releases for April 13th

by Andy on April 13, 2012

star wars t-shirt

Fun Star Wars shirt at TeeFury today.

A quite excellent Turtles shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Here’s a Supernatural shirt that I don’t really care about from RIPT.

Qwertee also have a Supernatural shirt, this one says ‘Supernatural’ in the occult language of Enochian.

Good thing one of the daily sites decided to do a Friday the 13th tee on Friday the 13th, good one Shirt Punch.

Aliens meets the Turtles in this shirt at The Yetee.

OtherTees have another Keep Calm/Doctor Who t-shirt.

This shirt at DBH is a lot more interesting than it initially appears.

Made in the Now highlight the interesting story that baboons are able to discriminate real words and non-words. This doesn’t mean that they can read, but it might point to the origin of reading.

According to Fibertopic it’s grilled cheese day. Hey America, why do you call it ‘grilled’ when as I understand it a grill isn’t involved? We call them ‘toasties’ in England, because sometimes we’re just adorable.

This shirt is just $6 (with free shipping) today at 6dollarshirts.

Threadless are running a design competition with Sesame Street.

  • Albert Hall

    The Aliens/TMNT design is in response to the fact Michael Bay has announced the Turtles will be Aliens in the new TMNT movie he’s producing…

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Ahhhh, thanks for clearing that up!

  • http://kolophon.net Jacob Harvey

    Also, the “Friday the 13th” shirt is not Jason Vorhees. It’s another Turtles reference, Casey Jones. Though the bats look like cricket bats more than baseball bats. Is that the UK version? ;-)

  • Seibei

    oh, so THAT’S what toasties are!

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