Tee Time with 6DollarShirts [Submitted]

by AJ Davidson on April 13, 2012

While their tees are always just $6 each, 6dollarshirts is offering a new daily deal called Tee Time, where each day a new design is released costing $6 and free U.S. shipping. Each new shirt is revealed nightly at 12 AM Eastern time and offered with free shipping for 24 hours, before it’s put into the site’s regular catalog. Check out some popular Tee Time releases:

nevermore raven model template Submit Your News!

silly nameless terror model template Submit Your News!

llap model template Submit Your News!

dont panic model template Submit Your News!

Andy: Have any of you guys ordered from 6DollarShirts before? I’d love to get some feedback about the quality of their tees because they are undercutting every tee site out there that I can think of. Maybe at $6 with free shipping I should dust off the HYA wallet and just pay for one to go to a blogger for review.

This post was submitted by AJ Davidson.

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