New T-shirt Review – TshirtBordello’s Star Trek Tees: Clever, Funny and with Quality!

by Leah on April 15, 2012

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First of all, am I a Trekkie? Ah, probably not, but I am a fan and do watch Star Trek – I very much enjoy it when I am in that certain type of sci-fi (nerdy) mood. I would like to classify myself more so as a lover of the old school, classic Star Trek, and with that said, I pick Kirk. (So maybe I am a Trekkie…) So enough about me, let’s talk about the TWO Star Trek themed tees I received to review from the funny t-shirt brand, TshirtBordello!

I can’t say I am a huge fan of parody tees or pop-culture tees, I tend to be a bit picky, but I am definitely outnumbered when it comes to others in that way – most everyone loves a good laugh and especially if you can wear it! I think these two tees are very clever; one being a play on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians to mimic the race of Cardassians in Star Trek: The Next Generation… I believe that’s when the Cardassians are first introduced… Anyway, I definitely am not a fan of the Kardashians, (why are they famous again?), but of course this design is a cute and clever way to incorporate the two and most Star Trek fans would immediately get the reference. The second tee is my favorite of the two, mainly because Bones, or Leonard McCoy, is my favorite character and I just enjoy the classics, can’t help it. Plus, TshirtBordello adds a clever spin to the tee adding the text “The Real McCoy”, which is just perfect if you know his character!

After giggling at the designs for a few moments (in a good way), I then put on the tees, they both feel great – there’s no doubt about that because they are printed on super soft American Apparel blanks. I would like to note that TshirtBordello prints all their women’s tees on 100% cotton American Apparel, while the men’s tees are printed on 100% cotton Gildan. No offense to Gildan, but I am very happy to be a female right now; I prefer American Apparel blanks – they seem to always fit me just right and have never failed me. As for the actual print, it’s nice! Soft, not thick at all, and I appreciate that everything at TshirtBordello is screen-printed which, let’s face it, is the best way.

Taking a peek or two at the site, TshirtBordello has a good range of funny, nerdy, and parody tees and also makes available a few t-shirts on the artsy side, so there’s something for everyone. Another good thing, the prices are not high at all, ranging from $14.99 to $15.99, which is reasonable for the variety of designs offered along with the nice blank and print quality. I would like to also add that the site is easy to navigate and is very personable by adding funny captions and descriptions of the tees, while being very informative, all at the same time – I like personality in a company, especially one that offers so much, makes you feel at home when looking for the perfect tee and I can see that quality in TshirtBordello.

Overall, I recommend TshirtBordello to all those who love funny, nerdy, pop-culture tees, but who also appreciate a nice quality blank and print. If that’s you, then this is certainly the place for you to go!

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