Daily t-shirt news and releases for April 16th

by Andy on April 16, 2012

hunger games t-shirt

Hunger Games shirt at TeeFury today (FYI, the epic Hunger Games list took a battering by takedown requests at RedBubble).

The Ministry of Silly Walks makes an appearance at Shirt.Woot.

Bioshock meets Disney at RIPT today. Does anyone know if there’s a particular reason why Disney has been picked for this mashup?

Pretty nice Escape from New York shirt at Qwertee.

This Shirt Punch design is apparently something to do with Goku?

Nowhere Bad release another Game of Thrones t-shirt upon the world.

The Yetee have a design referencing how red shirts on Star Trek had a habit of not coming back from missions.

OtherTees have a Firefly/Serenity shirt on a theme that I haven’t seen before.

I can’t decide if this Stupidhurts.us shirt is insensitive or not?

This TeeMinus24 election design I really need to get around to watching the last Harry Potter movie.

24tee channel Mr. Men and rage comics with this t-shirt.

It’s grab bag time at TeeRaiders.

Interesting crest style design at DBH today.

Two very nice new shirts from Goodjoe.

Futurama meets Rage against the machine at GraphicLab this week.

Shirt Vegas is offline at the moment.

Made in the Now point out the news story at scientists have been counting penguins from space. That is, they counted them from the vantage point of space, not space-dwelling penguins.

Marshmallows haven’t been a trending topic recently, but Fibertopic have still made a shirt about them.

Tee Busters celebrate the Fab Four with this Beatles t-shirt.

Owls and cassettes at 6dollarshirts today.

Tee Gazette list the top sellers at RedBubble last week.

Issue 2 of the Sturban magazine is available now.

As ever I’d like to remind you that buying stuff from Rigu will make people like you more (especially me!).

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