Regal Clothing rebrands as Bang Tidy Shirts

by Andy on April 16, 2012

Bang Tidy t-shirts

Darren over at Regal Clothing got in touch to say that he has rebranded the site to become ‘Bang Tidy‘. It’s a name that I doubt anyone outside the UK will understand, and that’s okay because the majority of the shirts at Bang Tidy do appeal to a certain section of the UK audience, the part that likes attention and doesn’t mind getting more than a bit cheeky with their shirts. Quite a lot of the shirts on there I wouldn’t wear (I think my hard clubbing days are largely over, so I couldn’t get away with them), but some of the more restrained styles do appeal to me and are good for a laugh. The new site is nice too, everything you want to see is right there in front of you, no clicking around to find stuff you may or may not want.

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