Above Unknown are not yet ready [Submitted]

by claudio caggianiello on April 20, 2012

A new independent clothing company, Above Unknown opens it’s doors next month. Only 3 tee’s available on launch date but more already more in the works. bosh!

Andy: The shirts look pretty good, but what are people meant to do with this submission, mark it on their calendar to check back next month? T-shirt brands, I know it’s easy to get excited before your brand is launched, and it’s important to get your name out there, but I would recommend not submitting your brand to places like HYA until you actually have somethng on sale, or it will be on sale within the next few days, because in an age when there are thousands of places to buy shirts right now, very few people will remember to check back later.

This post was submitted by claudio caggianiello.

  • abv uwn.

    fair enough point and we agree, but we’ve just been working hard on these shirts and wanted to put something out as a little preview of whats in store. easily done.

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I know how easy it is to want to put something out there, be sure to come back when you’ve got stuff on sale with another submission.

  • EE

    FYI: Since it’s still in the works, thought I’d let you know it’s “every day,” not “everyday.”

    As one word, it’s adjectival. “I’m just an average, everyday t-shirt maker.”

    The way you have it kind of means average or run of the mill. I can’t imagine you’d want that meaning. As it is, I would never buy it.

    Please take this as help, not as an attack.

  • abv uwn.

    You will be seeing a space between every and day before we release any shirts. Thanks for your words, and your eagle spelling eyes.

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