Replica Brad Pitt “Sock It To Me” Fight Club t-shirt

by Travis on April 20, 2012

The retro recreationists at Found Item Clothing have posted a new design (their first of 2012), Sock It To Me, and this one pulls no punches (groan…).

''The things you own end up owning you..''

Compare with the original, as worn by Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

''I want you to hit me as hard as you can...''

Found Item’s previous efforts have drawn accolades for fidelity to the source material, and in keeping with said ethos, they’ve printed SITM on both tees (American Apparel blanks) and custom made short-sleeve sweatshirts (which stays true to the garment in the movie).

Costiness = $22 (tee) | $37 (sssw)

In related news, Found Item’s blog, It Goes To 11, has a pair of new reads that will interest tee lovers: the first, 15 T-Shirts From Vietnam, is an assemblage of designs collected from abroad that traffics in both the curious and the cliche; the second is an interview with Jeremy Henrickson, a Vancouver-based graphic artist with a number of excellent movie and game-themed designs to his credit.

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.

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