Why Because Moves To Storenvy: Everyone Saves [Submitted]

by Brett R. on April 20, 2012

Sometimes there is a store hidden away someplace the you are willing to drive to even though it’s in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes you want to go to the mall.

Modern online marketplaces like Etsy and Storenvy are the malls of the future. They offer great advantages to brands trying to make their way in a crowded marketplace. And more than just a storefront, they offer a sense of community that raises everyone up.

Take Storenvy as a case in point. They have been the launching grounds for respected brands like Go Ape Shirts and DPCTED Apparel who have proven that a community marketplace can work. Customers have no doubt stumbled upon their stores and now other stores are discovered by fans their fans.

So, Why Because is setting up shop next door to these great brands over at Storenvy. And to celebrate we are having a Spring Sale with 30% off of everything in the new shop through April.

You can still find us at shopwhybecause.com or we can be found at whybecause.storenvy.com.

Simply use the code “SPRUNG” at checkout for the 30% off and check out all of the other great brands in the Storenvy marketplace.

Andy: I think it’s fair to say that is one of the more professional submissions we’ve had, thanks guys!

This post was submitted by Brett R..

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