Kate Upton hates bullying, wears t-shirt to make that clear

by Andy on April 23, 2012

You may be aware that there was a film made last year about Bullying in U.S. schools that has been released recently (to a bit of a furore about it receiving an R rating, effectively stopping the people it’s about from seeing it, which was later changed to PG-13 after a few edits). As yo would imagine there is also a campaign around the film to help raise awareness for bullying, the impact it can have on people’s live and to try and stop kids from being horrible to each other.

Kate Upton has provided her (very pretty) face to front the campaign and has also produced a PSA about bullying which you can see above. Why is this on HYA? Because I thought it would be good to mention a serious issue for a change, and because every other site seems to get to write about celebrities so why shouldn’t I?

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