hhv.de: a German record store?

by Chris_S on April 24, 2012

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hhv.de is seemingly some sort of music shop based in Berlin that does a lot of tees (2970, to be exact). Berlin’s a long way to go to buy a t-shirt, but thanks to the joys of the internet (uhhh duhhhh) you can actually get a lot of pretty good designs for relatively little money.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a single label; rather, it seems a repository for a whole bunch of different labels. Some are big (Zoo York, Vans) and some are small. Similarly, there’s a lot of dross on the site – or rather, a lot of stuff that you can get elsewhere (I’m talking about band t-shirts here). But then there are also some absolutely stunning shirts that I’ve not seen many other places. Of course, everyone’s tastes are different, but there are seven that I whacked right into the basket in the vain hope that €144.48 + shipping would magically appear in my bank account (sadly, it didn’t). Of those, I’ve picked out a top four for you to take a gander at in case you have more money than me.

Above at the top is a shirt by Adam Hayes for 2K by Gingham, and I love the old-fashioned style text that’s on it. It’s the sort of thing you’d see on a 1950s poster for a speakeasy (I’m aware that’s historically impossible). For a smidgen under €14 it could be yours.

22 hhv.de: a German record store?Another 2K by Gingham t-shirt, this is a mix of the geekiness of Threadless with the fashionable sort of tees you see people wearing in clubs. This one’s a little more at €16.95.

32 hhv.de: a German record store?

I wish I had €34.95 for this t-shirt – I really do. I love the typography on this, and the morose message that it gives off. It’s the sort of thing that people who live for Facebook will find amazingly cool from a distance, before realising what it says up close.

4 hhv.de: a German record store?

This is an elegant, springtime shirt from Sixpack France x Museum Studio, which is the costliest of the lot at €39.95 – but then again, it’s only been on the online store for six days. I like the colours and the gentle rose detail, and I think it’s the sort of thing which isn’t quite a brash statement t-shirt, but also isn’t your boring normal tee either.

Anyway, these is just the things I personally like. You really need to head on over yourself and take a look to find out.

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Hehe, I have the ‘Night time is the right time’ shirt, really nice print on it.

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