Brilliant “Tools of the Trade” t-shirt by Richt & The London Vandal

by Andy on April 25, 2012

richt graffiti t-shirt

The London Vandal is a popular graffiti and urban sub-culture blog that I hadn’t heard of until they e-mailed me about this t-shirt, but I’ve taken a look around and I really like the site, definitely take a look if you’re interested in street art. The world of street art isn’t something that I’m particularly au fait with, I like it when I see stuff (especially Space Invaders), but I haven’t delved too deep into the scene simply because I can’t find the time between writing about t-shirts, trying to get Rigu off the ground, attempting to swim a sub-30 minute mile, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. Like many things, one day I intend to learn about it, but today is not that day, so I’ll just have to say that this shirt design by Richt is super and I like it.

The shirt is currently on pre-order for £20 (and that includes worldwide shipping, so it’s a great price) until May 31st, after which it will become a still pretty good value £25.

  • Doug

    First impressions of their website are good, love the type treatment of the header. Dig the t-shirt as well. So will be keeping an eye on these guys.

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