Notorietees: Shirts With Buzz #1 (LeBron James, Pizza Shirt, Nice New Girlfriend)

by Travis on April 27, 2012

Welcome to Notorietees, a new column here at Hide Your Arms that will chronicle “problem” shirts that fall a bit further afield from the general programming you’ve grown accustomed to. Tees in the news, tees making waves, tees raising hackles, tees giving pause, tees with an edge — all are fodder for discussion (and snarky commentary).

>Our first controversy conteeversy (groan…) wrestles with the sticky nature of identity and authenticity. NYC & Company, “the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York,” has partnered with Aéropostale on a product range that celebrates city agencies such as the NYPD (sample embedded below).

Home is where the art is.

The program’s goal are moderately laudable; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt collection “will benefit the New York City Police Foundation and the FDNY Foundation,” but as critics have noted there’s one glaring problem: the tees are manufactured and screened in, gasp, Central America. Embarrassing… [DNA Info]

>Embedded below is a bootlegged design of noted curmudgeon Jim Leyland puffing on a cancer stick. Leyland, the manager of the Detroit Tigers (American hardball), has been reported to sneak a cig in the dugout between innings, much to the dismay of Major League Baseball and its image conscious handlers. [Detroit News]

Drag Bunt

>UK-retailer Topman posted a pair of dodgy slogans last month only to later remove them in the wake of a wicked (if predictable) backlash. [Jezebel]


>Glimpsed on a television broadcast earlier this month at a Toronto Blue Jays game: a pair of enthusiastic fans and their randy puns that riff on baseball verbiage (and proposition the team’s studly catcher, J.P. Arencibia). [Deadspin]

The hits keep coming.

>Another week, another Urban Outfitters controversy… [Gawker]


Update: the print has been removed, but the blank garment can be yours for a cool $100.

>On a related note, UO is also peddling a curious creation that filters Obama through the Tim Tebow phenomenon (in the Oval Office, no less). [Buzzfeed]


>Trend fatigue at Coachella. [Buzzfeed]

Summertime Sadness

>Love pizza? Keep it close to your heart with this amazing print that’s been bouncing around the web aggregators. [Laughing Squid]

Nom Nom Nom

>Finally, the King’s Court is apparently home to a photobombing jester. [Deadspin]


For the record, this is now the second such anti-LBJ shirt to make an appearance here on HYA.

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  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    HYA beating trends as usual, Pizza Shirt first hit the site in November last year:

  • Douglas Henderson

    Cool post, I enjoy reading about large companies releasing designs and then having to remove because they were either insulting (how did it even get to that stage) and if they rip off a design, be it clothes or jewelry. Recently (well sorts) a girl found a picture of her from her blog, printed on Tescos t-shirts.

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