Threadless New Today / Back Today (26+27/04/12)

by DeeHYA on April 28, 2012

Sorry my Threadless blog is so late! I’m moving house and everything is a bit mental in ‘Dee World’. I will do my New Today/Back Today blog now and I will pump one out about the reprints/ Monthly showcase later! Hope all of you managed to grab some awesome sale bargains!

New Today (for Thursday) was Big Dill by Phil Jones, there is nothing not to like about this tee unless you hate pickles. I remember getting addicted to Gherkins and dipping them in white chocolate with my fondue when I was pregnant. Probably my weirdest craving, this tee brought all those memories back. I love the green colour print against the baby blue! Fab tee.

Back today was A (Very) Long Time Ago by Bocognani Vincent insinuates that Yoda mated with an Ewok to make Gizmo! How very controversial! If you want people talking about your tee this is definitely one to purchase!

New today for yesterday was Werewolf in the Moon by Javier Ramos Eguiluz, I really like this angular astronaut werewolf, it’s well designed has a retro computer game feel.  I really like the placement of this design too.

Lastly and one of my favourites on Threadless that I don’t yet own Monster in the Closet by Efrem Palacios has a Monsters Inc feel to it and I also love that the model pics are sort of hilarious!






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