8-Bit Zombie Bub’s Records Top Review

by Ben_P on April 30, 2012

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While I was waiting for my 8-Bit Zombie (8BZ) package, I felt like one of Pavlov’s Dogs. The door bell would ring and my mouth would salivate over the thought of the fresh, sweet joy of a new top. To my dismay however on most of the occasions it was just a door-to-door sales person or something equally uninspiring. Alas.

Success occurred finally and I was blessed with the presence of a delightful looking package neatly stuck together with an 8BZ logo sticker. The package didn’t stay neat for long. Upon opening the pack I found the top, a hat and a slew of goodies which greatly surprised me. The goodies contained a few badges, trading cards based on 80’s films and games and a vintage Muscle Man toy. I digress.

This is the first vest top that I’ve actually ever worn so for me it was an unusual feeling. It certainly felt snug and nice against my skin but I don’t think the top flattered my physique in any way shape or form, however this may be the gentle kick I need to get in to shape. The design is based upon Bub’s from George A Romero’s film Day Of The Dead. Having watched the film I struggled to remember the character but a few quick google searches and I could see the inspiration clearly. 

The print quality is fantastic and certainly feels like it will last a long time and even if it were to crack it certainly wouldn’t ruin the design of the shirt unlike other designs out there. I’ve yet to actually wash the top because frankly I don’t want to take it off, but I have faith that it will wash and iron well. 

(I want to note here that I am truly sorry for my appalling photo, I’m in no way shape or form a photogenic person.  Please don’t let this reflect poorly upon the top! )

The top is both printed on the front and the back and the design is something I absolutely love and reflects my punk rock taste, it will certainly become one of my most worn tops. For the amount of work that has clearly gone into this I think $20 is brilliant value for the top. I’ve already received positive comments and general jealousy toward this top from my friends, this coupled with the fact the design is almost sold out entirely on the website shows just how popular the top really is. Here is to hoping he gets more reprints in so more people can enjoy the shirts!


The top really goes well with the black and white snap-back hat that Ross kindly sent me too. The hat has Gizmo from Gremlins on it with a multicolour screen print on the peak too. Again the print quality is great and I’m very curious to see the process behind screen printing the peak of the hat, because it certainly looks like it could be fiddly. It’s nice to see some really unique hats being made as well because I like my all of my clothes to reflect my tastes, not just my tops. I don’t generally wear hats because I find hats that are readily available in the UK to either be flat peaks which I don’t think I can pull off, or boring designs. This is neither and is likely to become my main hat of choice in my wardrobe.

(Because I was so un photogenic I decided to use my lovely nephew for a hat pose! He photos far better than I. Proud uncle here!)

It really must seem that I’ve been paid* to write fantastic words about 8BZ but in all honesty I love the shirts and it’s the main reason I started getting in contact with them because I was so drawn in by the designs. I’m not sure why I’m defending myself to you the readers, but I’m sure if you check out or purchase any of the stuff from 8BZ you are likely to agree with me. If you are interested in 8-Bit Zombie then definitely check out their website for more interesting retro shirts (and hats)



*8BZ Where is my cheque?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Douglas-Henderson/783540299 Douglas Henderson

    You know I have seen 8 bit quite a few times on HYA and never actually checked them out. After reading your review and seeing the design, I did. Man they are cool. Good designs and some nice details on their chaotic websites. Love the faux cards.

  • Ben_P

    haha well glad you checked it out man! im personally eager for the summer release.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lazytulip Leah Williams

    Excellent review, Ben. (P.S. Nothing bad about that photo!)

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