Daily t-shirt news for May 1st

by Andy on May 1, 2012

metroid t-shirt teefury

Sorry about the level of disruption to the site at the moment, I’m acting as something of a nightwatchman on a building site for my other job, which does change my schedule around quite a lot as you’d imagine. The other bloggers will hopefully be picking up the slack and I see that Matt & Leah have already posted a couple of great articles.

Metroid gets some attention in the TeeFury shirt above.

Prune juice has never appealed to me, but apparently it appeals to Shirt.Woot.

Jet Set Scott Pilgrim at RIPT.

Big Bang Theory meets the Geek Squad at Qwertee.

There’s a fancy Doctor Who design at Shirt Punch.

Nowhere Bad must be looking forward to the new Batman film.

How odd that two companies would use a similar style of design today? The Yetee have a flesh wound today.

Is Supernatural really that popular? OtherTees must think so.

Stupidhurts.us have an all seeing eye.

24tee love their meme shirts.

Apparently this TeeRaiders design is something to do with Doctor Who.

That’s the 5th and 4th placed winners in the DBH x Dark Knight Rises competition.

BustedTees are gonna call Saul.

Couple more shirts up for $12 pre-order at Goodjoe, my favourite being the banana squid.

TeeMinus24 go on vacation in the Star Wars universe.

Made in the Now report on the sad news that koalas are now a vulnerable species.

Tee Busters are another brand gearing up for the new Batman film.

6dollarsihrts fear the dreaded pizza shark at tee time.

You can win that DPCTED t-shirt if you reblog this Storenvy post on Tumblr.

I added this cute bag (available in a number of colours) to Rigu.

Suck Clothing are having an end of season sale, use the coupon code 50 to get a massive 50% off.

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