Daily T-shirt Releases for May 3rd

by Andy on May 3, 2012

community sesame street t-shirt

Community meets Sesame Street at TeeFury today.

Mario gets mashed up with the iconic-ish Facebook/The Social Network poster at Shirt.Woot.

Apparently this shirt at RIPT is about Supernatural.

The 2nd place winner in the DBH x Dark Knight Rises comeptition is a little disappointing, but it was chosen by Christopher Nolan himself, and I guess that means he and I have differing tastes.

Mario hieroglyphics at Qwertee.

Ha, “Baby Fett” I get it, Shirt Punch.

Oh, because Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor, cleaver stuff, The Yetee.

There’s a weird looking tree at Stupidhurts.us.

I don’t really get why anyone would want to wear this 24tee shirt, but I guess that I’m not their target market.

That is a dangerously small amount of bacon at TeeRaiders.

The real meaning of the Second Amendment is made clear in BustedTees daily deal.

“Elephant learns to play the harmonica” says Made in the Now.

The lost art of shadow puppetry gets a welcome boost at 6dollarshirts.

Sinstar have released some snapback hats.

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