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by DeeHYA on May 6, 2012

So I actually stumbled across this site when I was looking for a tee for my boyfriend, he has got a thing for one of Leonard’s tees in the Big Bang Theory which shows the different lunar phases of the moon.  This website indicates where you can buy items worn by the characters in the show and also tee’s which show the characters in the show like the one above.

Obviously there quite a few tee’s that are pretty easy to find. Sheldon especially tends to wear a lot of Comic based tees such as Aquaman, The Flash and Green Lantern which you can find on a lot of sites by doing a pretty simple search. A few of the tees are from 80’ a site which I have used several times and I would recommend them highly. Of all the generic Sheldon tees, I particularly like this Batman Gradient one!

I think Sheldon’s Science based tees are probably the ones most desired by his adoring fans. It also makes a super cop out Halloween/Fancy dress costume to go to a party as Sheldon by simply buying one of these awesome tees!  This “Screens and Lenses Work Magic” tee from Thinker Clothing has a pretty awesome and intriguing design!

This tee I find to be a memorable one, I’d quite like this one for myself. Melting by Glennz Tees shows a melting Rubik’s cube, the rainbow of colours against the black tee works absolutely amazingly.

All the my favourite of Leonard’s tees are from Urban Outfitters and are all out of stock in all sizes, however this Periodic Table tee on Cafe Press is pretty good too!

I always enjoy the way Howard dresses, more men should dress like him. The only product that links you to for howie is his belt buckles. Although after checking pretty much all of them are out of stock, sure you would be able to hunt down similar ones though.

Stylin’ Online is where you need to be for your Big Bang tees, massive selection, even more massive for guys of course (boo!). Have to give Raj a mention though, I adore his shellsuit tops! This Ladies Man tee made me giggle when I first saw it!

So if you’re a Big Bang Theory fan or you’ve just spied an episode and been like ‘OMG I NEED THAT TEE’  is the perfect place to try and hunt yourself down that much coveted wardrobe fruit!


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