Lowdtown is back with a Kickstarter Project

by Andy on May 11, 2012

lowdtown kickstarter

It’s fair to say that I’m a bit biased when it comes to this Kickstarter project, and this brand in general, because it is run by the guy who designed the HYA logo, so needless to say I’m something of a fan of his style.

When Lowdtown went into hibernation it was a pretty sad day for the t-shirt community, but I was always confident that Ray would make a comeback and it would appear that he sees Kickstarter as a good way to get himself back on track with his streetwear brand. I often don’t write about Kickstarter projects because I feel that some people use them as a way to essentially get their customers to do all the work for them and make their brand popular before they’ve even got started, and also because some people really get the rewards structure all wrong. With Lowdtown already being established as an entity for more than 6 years I know that isn’t the case here, especially since Ray has been talking about the rebranding and relaunch for more than a year, he’s also pretty well set with is rewards structure, they aren’t bargain basement prices for a shirt, but they reflect what I think would be a fair price for the product (around $25 per tee + some goodies depending on which package you go for), and that seems like the right amount to pay.

At the time of writing $1,322 of the $2,500 goal has already been pledged with 28 days to go so I think that this project will most likely end up being funded, good luck Ray!

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    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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