Awesome Robocop t-shirt by PNTR at MySoti

by Andy on May 18, 2012

robocop t-shirt

Love the style on this shirt at MySoti, I wonder what the Japanese text says on the bottom right? Here’s hoping that Seibei will be lurking to provide our usual translation service.

Costiness=$26.65 Buy it at MySoti

  • Seibei

    HA! It says the phonetic equivalent of “Robocop” (“robokoppu”). <3 I'm a fan of this tee as well; it's good to see Robocop done with a bit of a softer/more pastel palette.

  • Douglas Henderson

    I dig this, but not a fan of the text at the top. I agree with Seibei that the colours are great.

  • Magnet

    I like the idea of Robcop!!

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