Review of WTF design at Design by Humans

by Mr Four Fingers on May 22, 2012

WTF T-shirt design

A few months ago we at Mr Four Fingers decided to enter an illustration of ours into an ongoing online t-shirt design competition over at Design  by Humans. Much to our surprise and delight we were lucky enough to have our WTF design chosen as a part of their daily winner competition.

DBH release a new print five out of seven days of the the week, so it was a couple of months until our WTF design was printed and released. Once we got our hands on it I was blown away by how well they executed the print. The original I gave them was a scanned ink watercolour illustration just under A3 in size and DBH were able to increase the size and still maintain the integrity of the original illustration. They were even able to accurately reproduce the pink ink spatters.

The design is printed on Heather Grey 100% Cotton DBH Premium Tee and fits well. It seems DBH have their own manufacturer but their cut and soft fabric is much like American Apparel. This design is a 3 colour oversize screen print. My associate received this particular package so I’m unsure of what packaging it was sent in but the last time I ordered from DBH, my t-shirt  was sent in a sturdy clear plastic bag with large black logo printed on so you could see the t-shirt through the negative spaces. Chances are it was the same and hell it looks pretty cool.

I know from buying other DBH t-shirts that they normally print the artists name and/or logo on the t-shirt, either on inside collar or bottom hem. They never once asked us for anything so sadly for us they didn’t print any with our MFF name. That would have been nice. They did give us a wad of cash and 6 free t-shirts so we can hardly complain. I quite like their ‘smiley’ DBH logo stitched to the bottom hem line.

If you are interested in big illustrations from a variety of artists then head over to Design by Humans and grab this t-shirt and others for $20. They also have discounts all the time and interesting t-shirt deals like the Tee Grinder.



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