TshirtContest.com up for sale, anyone want a ready made design competition?

by Andy on May 22, 2012

tshirtcontest.com sale

When I write up the daily t-shirt releases in the morning I check over all the sites and see who has something new for us that day. Unfortunately today I found that Tshirt Contest have put themselves up for sale for an undisclosed price and are asking interested parties to contact them. I had wondered if something was up when there hadn’t been a release for a few weeks considering that they had typicaly been pretty reliable with their schedule, but I try not to tempt fate or get the rumour mill going by suggesting things on the site since it isn’t particularly helpful for anyone involved. I’d be interested to know what happened to bring them to this point, especially with the design competition world being as tough as it is, was this change caused by the marketplace or perhaps non-tee related issues?

I don’t have anymore details than you can gleam from the site, but they’ve got a decent back catalogue of designs (that I would presume to be part of the sale, though it’s not explicitly mentioned) and an attractive site so I’d have thought that there would be someone out there who feels that they can take the project on and make a success of it.

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