The Yetee – Cool Tees and Gaming Marathons, All for a Great Cause!

by Leah on May 24, 2012

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So lookie here, if you haven’t heard already, the folks over at The Yetee are offering three tees over the next six days that not only generate smiles from gamers and tee lovers alike, but also a portion goes to a very worthy charity! See, $3 from each shirt sold will be donated to The Organization for Autism Research, a worthy cause if I don’t say so myself. (Oh, I already did!)

Not only that, but this event is in coordination with a Gaming Marathon – The Summer Games Done Quick or SGDQ, hosted by Speed Demo Archives! Let me tell you more about SGDQ: it is a whooping 4 days of gaming (a marathon, if you will), in which speedruns of games are livecast and better yet, most of the characters on the t-shirts featured on The Yetee are from the games played during the marathon! The livecast starts today, May 24th – go check it out!

So on to the tees, what you all are really excited about! The first design Speed Runnin’ (shown above), is by Ryan Haak – nice one Ryan! This t-shirt is FULL of our favorite video game characters, speeding on through almost like they will burst right out of the tee on that Warthog! Again you have to remember $3 from your purchase will be going to a more than noble charity, and I know you wanna help, right?

Keep an eye out here on HYA for a sneak peek at the next two tees – I’ll keep you posted!

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