Understated ‘Karate Kid’ t-shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere

by Chris_S on May 25, 2012

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I try and ignore the fact that there’s been a remake of The Karate Kid, simply because it ruins the previous, original, excellent film from the 1980s. Because of the Jackie Chan remake there are a lot of Karate Kid-based shirts out there, but this one from Last Exit to Nowhere (who we haven’t mentioned in a little while here at HYA) is an excellent understated nod to the original – with a great, minimalistic design. It could theoretically be just a regular karate competition t-shirt, but the devoted and dedicated (read: those older than 12-years old) will enjoy the reference.

Costliness: £18 (Buy it here)

  • Deadhippo

    I never got that concept. How does a remake ruin the original? If the new movie is not as good, doesn’t that make the original better? Sure, if the remake is better than the original then the original may be ruined but then it doesn’t matter because you have a better version.

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