Alpha Q Clothing [Submitted]

by Eitan Tal on May 31, 2012

Our shirts are sure to tickle your funny bone… if you’re clever enough to get the joke, that is. But we go deeper than that. With backgrounds in fine art as well as contemporary design, our graphic artists draw inspiration from pop culture, vintage rock shirts, street art, album cover design, and contemporary typography trends.

Be sure to enter the coupon codeTD-OFF” on our website to receive a $10 discount.

Andy: Can’t say I’m seeing a lot of the fine art background of their artists in these shirts, and you don’t need to be particularly clever to get the play on words of the brand name, but different strokes for different folks. Would be useful to see the actual shirts being worn, as ever, but it looks like they’re quite new so I can forgive them for not having a proper photoshoot yet.

This post was submitted by Eitan Tal.

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