Redefining SWAG [Submitted]

by Tasha Matthew on May 31, 2012

Unrestricted Swag Clothing Company sets out to redefine the meaning of Swag.

Fed up with mass production, founders of Unrestricted Swag decide to create a custom run, limited edition company, set at affordable prices, with a twist. They make custom limited edition sets, custom packaging and numbering. For the initial release, G3 SERIES(military inspired), includes cool gear such as a working gas mask, buttons, a bag, a dog tag, and official numbered authenticity certificate with each set. After all of the sets are sold out, that is it, nothing is reproduced. The first edition is 25 sets each. Editions come in as little as 12 and no more than 100. The brand focuses on individuality and personal style aka swag.


Andy: When I saw the word ‘swag’ I presumed that I was going to hate this brand, and the designs are not for me as I’m sure you’d imagine, but there’s not really a lot going wrong here.

This post was submitted by Tasha Matthew.

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