Threadless New Today / Back Today Round Up

by DeeHYA on May 31, 2012

Bit of a Threadless catch up tonight, full time work is making me every such a snoozy bunny. However here is the round up of the New Today / Back Today tees so far this week.

On Monday we had I Can See Through You by Andrea Orlic is a simple but effective tee depicting ribs, I think this tee looks much better on the Asphalt tee than it would of been in black. Simply too obvious.

Not sure whether the back today tee from Monday is as relevant as it was when it was first printed. Occupy the Fridge by Vaughn Pinpin, I do love the design and face with food is always a hit on the old Threadless.

My fave of the tees this week is Pin Cushion Pin-Up by Andy Gonsalves appeals to the retired burlesque artist in me, have to admit, I wish that his had been super bright candy colours but the design is beautiful!

Ok so the next reprinted tee isn’t going to win any awards for originality or prettieness, but it’s not awful there are loads of poorer designs on Threadless. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Esther Aarts kind of looks like a uniform for someone who works in an off licence.

Next design is just ADORABLENESS! Lovely warm creme tee covered in ickle kitties. I can think of plenty of girly friends and crazy cat ladies who would love Bonsai Cats by Marina Tkach.

Reprinted tee from yesterday is a colour explosion on the eyes, the black alongside the vivid oranges and blues, Surface to Air by Niel Quisaba would be a lovely space / abstract addition to any Threadless collection.

Finally we’re on to today. Today’s addition to Threadless, is pretty cool it has a very retro poster feel to it which has been exaggerated further by doing a brown print on cream. Demolition Derby by Sebastian Arango Guerrero is a tee that is worth a close up look to really see all of the details.

Lastly for this blog, I am sure you are very sick of my ramblings by now. Back Today we have Ambition Killed The Cat by Neil Gregory. First win is that it’s about cats, second win is that it’s purple. Threadless could do with more purple in my opinion (although this tee is Asphalt for guys).




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