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by Andy on June 3, 2012

mindlessthoughts t-shirts

Let’s hear a little bit of their back story first:

Ever since high school I’ve always thought that creating funny and cool tshirts would be the greatest job ever. An old buddy and I even made lists of concepts and ideas just for fun with no intention of creating any of them for real. Come full circle I’m now a graphic designer for a fortune 500 company but the grass remains greener on the indy tee side of things. So I started creating some tshirt designs. I knew I wanted it to be computer related or my take on the skull and crossbones concept. After messing around a while I created some computer icons and a few skull and crossbones when I accidentally created my first design. I had moved the crossbones on my workspace around and they ended up near computer mouse icon. I thought.. this could work!! After some tweaking, our DeadMaus was born. From there I continued creating crossbone icons with anything from stars to clouds to hamburgers together. I already had a personal blog with a small following named MindlessThoughts, so I transformed it into the clothing line name and website.

We officially opened our door January of 2011 with our flag ship tshirt “DeadMaus.” We recently released our first set of summer tees featuring our highly anticipated DeadMeat for all you burger fans, another SelfMade tee for all the entrepreneur out there, and a fun water balloon fight inspired DeadMaus:Splat tee. Our clothing brand features trendy modern urban gear from tshirts to hats to skateboards and everything in between. We feature bold unique designs expressing a young confident attitude. It’s non-conformity for the conformed at its finest!

I like this guy, he’s friendly and honest and I appreciate that he knows he’s not reinventing the wheel, which is always refreshing when it comes to t-shirt brands. I’m not entirely sure how I managed to only just hear of MindlessThoughts now when they’ve been open for about 18 months, but that’s just how it happens sometimes. Skull & crossbones designs have been done a lot, there’s no getting away from that, but it’s also true that people like them, and there’s always room to play with it and put your own spin on things. It would be great if we could see more the actual tees rather than the mockups (currently there’s only the one shirt with a model photo as far as I can tell), because I think they look a lot better in reality than on a generic mockup.

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