Tips for getting funded on Kickstarter

by Andy on June 8, 2012

kickstarter tips

I’ve shared my thoughts on t-shirt brands on Kickstarter a few times now, and generally my issues with them are as follows:

    Providing poor value for pledges.
    Not offering innovative designs.
    Too many amateur projects looking for funding before really thinking through development of the brand.
    Why the hell should these people not have to risk their own money when thousands of other people startup their own tee businesses?

Obviously, I could expand on those points, but I worry that I can sound too down on Kickstarter when I really do like it as a platform, and do feel that there are a lot of good reasons why people, including clothing brands, should use Kickstarter, it’s just something that needs to be carefully considered for each brand.

David from Seibei, who is of course part of the HYA family, who ran his own very successful Kickstarter campaign (getting 3x what he was hoping to raise) was asked by Shopify to talk about what he did right and wrong when running the project. Several other people were asked as well, including the people being the wildly successful Pebble watch, who raised more than $10 million when all they were after was $100,000. If you’ve been thinking of posting a project on Kickstarter I very much recommend checking out the article and using it to your advantage to ensure the smooth running of your project.

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