Prometheus t-shirts (and a messenger bag) land at

by Andy on June 13, 2012

prometheus t-shirts

I like the idea of the Weyland Corp shirt and bag but the other shirts do feel a bit standard to me, especially compared to the interesting stuff that usually do with their big licenses. I would expect that with Prometheus still being in cinemas that there’s only so much that they’re allowed to do which is why the shirts currently available are based on the logo for the film. Hopefully they will be able to expand what’s on offer in the near future since I think that there is a lot of scope for cool designs with Prometheus.

Promeheus t-shirts at

  • Travis Rand Greenwood

    Agreed, these are all rather pedestrian from a design perspective. The Weyland Corp. tee is cool but that one has been done to death on the Internet already.

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