Dusty Paw – Hibernation Wear Review

by Ben_P on June 16, 2012

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I received Dusty Paw’s package after a little wait, as the stock was being re-ordered, and having been informed that it will be the most comfortable thing I will have worn I must say the wait was worth it. This tee is incredibly comfortable being made from bamboo and organic cotton. I really can’t explain how soft it is, it’s something you certainly have to try for yourself. A quick note about the package also, it was very simple but had a hand written Dusty Paw fun fact, mine was regarding Jimi Hendrix’s gravestone featuring a stratocaster on it. A nice little personal touch and always fun to learn a new fact.

Further note about the bamboo cotton I believe if I am correct that it has some antibacterial qualities which means the material stays fresher. The bamboo cotton is also ethically sourced and is certified by the FWF, that’s the Fair Wear Foundation, so it’s great to know that not only is your product of good quality but also has been sourced in a humane way. It certainly gives me a nice feeling that it isn’t being made by children in unfair conditions for unfair wages.

(Again I look like a bit of a silly bugger in photos, and I’m not sure why I thought a photo in a car park would be good. I really must find a good spot to get quality photos)

Onto the design. It’s very simple but effective. I like the positioning of the design as well, being the bottom left corner, it makes a change from a chest position and gives me a bit of variety in my collection. It feels very good quality and I believe it will wash very well, although I’ve not actually washed it yet (I have to test out those antibacterial qualities don’t I?). While I’m not usually a great fan of white t-shirts I do think that the design goes well with it, it’s very minimalist which I do appreciate on certain occasions. Less is more sometimes with design and this certainly gives a nice presentation. The shirt itself also has a nice little tag on the sleeve which adds a professional touch to it. I think perhaps in the future he should start to get standard packaging bag maybe with some nice labels or a tag attached to it, little things like that certainly add a lot of professionalism for a small price however I understand that starting out costs can be troublesome.

So overall if you don’t mind paying a slightly above average cost, you’ll certainly get a warm fuzzy feeling both on the outside and in. I always like to try help out up and coming indie labels too. I’m eager to see his next designs because he has informed me that their will be some coming, the hibernation shirt will also soon be available in grey. Check out Dusty Paw at the website, twitter or facebook page.

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