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by Matt on June 17, 2012

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Apparel 75 was nice enough to send one of their tees so here is a little review on what I thought about it!

The package was delivered in a custom (screen printed?) Apparel 75 box. After opening it, I found the shirt nicely wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a Apparel 75 sticker. All nice touches! Other than the shirt, they also included two prints that are pictured below. The one on the left is numbered “AP 5/8″. I’m not sure if this is a date or an edition number, but either way, nice of them to include these.

So on to the shirt. Apparel 75 sent me their design titled “Two Owls”. And it is just that! Two little owls sitting right on the front of the shirt. I received the eggplant colored shirt with the pastel green print. (This design is also available with a off white print on a black shirt) Overall, I really like the tee. It’s a American Apparel 100% cotton t-shirt and the print is very soft. I like the color choices, especially the eggplant shirt, and the print is just the right size and placed right in the center. There is also a Apparel 75 logo printed in the center back of the shirt, right below the neckline. The only suggestion/recommendation I have is to cut out the American Apparel tags, so as to make the shirt really seem like “Apparel 75″ all around. Other than that, I really liked everything about the package, t-shirt, and extras they included.

The other thing I have to say to about Apparel 75 is that I think they’re executing their theme and brand very well. The “Two Owls” design is kind of the odd man out, where as all the other designs fall into their description of “The most unique and authentic new-vintage designs, screen printed by hand on the finest 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirts.” According to their “About Us” page, the guys from Apparel 75 found some old printing plates for newspaper ads from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, and that’s where many of the designs come from.

Thank you for the shirt and keep up the good work!

  • Douglas Henderson

    Love the colour combination. Sweet review bro

  • Apparel75

    there is an apparel 75 logo on the back of every shirt right along the neck line!

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Oh Matt, looks like it’s time for an edit.

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