PLNDR Drops Some African Inspired Hats

by Amy_F on June 22, 2012

I don’t get this, I don’t want to get this.  All I can say is The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air was probably rockin’ one of these back in the day.  I’m not a member on PLNDR and I have no idea what brand produced these hats.  I stumbled across this photo on PLNDR’s Facebook Page which I do follow & was in complete shock, as I have been in a lot of lately because I just don’t get some of these styles brand’s are producing.  Being a stylist I can say THIS African-inspired type of hat is NOT in style nor is it returning anytime soon.  I honestly don’t think it ever was in style except for in the ’80’s.  But you tell me, would you wear this?

  • Arian

    YES! i would wear this. Ill step out of the norm for a day to rock a 80s inspired hat

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