Triangle Motif: Mulga T-shirt Series Review!

by Leah on June 24, 2012

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Triangle Motif, a brand all the way in lovely Sydney, Australia, was kind enough to send on over to me three tees from their Mulga Series – and I must say, these tees are spectacular. Should I just end the review there? No no, I have just way too much to say about this brand!

I heard the doorbell ring and of course I ran to the door only to hear a “smack!” I think the mailman literally rang the doorbell and without a second thought he threw my package on the front step and once I opened up the door he was already in his truck, racing away. I tell you this story, because I then looked down to see that my Triangle Motif package had been ripped and a bit of a tee was popping out. I can’t be sure, but either the mailman is too rough OR the packaging needs to be a bit thicker, just in case someone rudely and roughly handles the mailer when they are in a bad mood or in a rush, because, let’s face it, it happens.

Inside were three tees, as well as stickers with the Triangle Motif website boldly (and quite largely) printed! I pulled out the t-shirts and at first glance, I was very confused because the tees looked to be three times my size, but that was my fault – I was unclear of the fit of these tees, they are meant to be longer and have a lower neckline – an indie fit blank from a brand called As Colour which is always experimenting with different cuts and styles. So what did I do next? I tried them all on of course! They are very, very soft blanks and the long fit, being part of the style, is something I felt really good in from the very start (I want more!) The print is perfect, consistent, and soft – all the best qualities when it comes down to it! (Remember to click the photos to see a bigger, closer, more detailed image.)

The first of the three is titled, Blue Blood, which I am wearing (very happily) at the top of the review. What I really like about this design is the overall expression of the character; he looks rich and proud of it, but he also looks a bit deranged, (and the deranged part is what I like best.) The black print on white certainly pops out creating a lovely contrast and the elegant lines that create his face remind me of the contour of muscles you would see in some sort of medical book, which is intriguing, needless to say. My eyes go straight to those lines, that are almost organic unlike the other details on the design. These vine-like lines lead my eyes to the other fine details, as well as the bigger details – you can’t beat a top hat, a bow-tie and a monocle! Another plus to this design is the Mulga logo printed inconspicuously on the shoulder of the character – it’s there faintly, but it’s not too blatant to take away from the composition. One last detail, and of course if you know me and my reviews, then you know I have to point out that Triangle Motif has custom sewn on tags on each of these tees, displaying their logo and the size, can’t beat that.

This next tee is simply called, The Captain, and with his nautical hat, pipe, and massive beard, this Captain obviously brings a smile to my face (how couldn’t he?) Once again, the print is black and bold against the white and like in the other designs, the use of the lines to form a face is just brilliant. Oh, and we can’t forget about the beard, it is mesmerizing; it’s a teardrop shape duplicated over and over to form a gorgeous, detailed texture that practically takes up a good portion of the design, which is not a bad thing at all. I also appreciate how the whole Mulga Series incorporates the same details, but in a different way each time to form a distinct character. This makes the series unified, but each design has it’s own emotion attached to it. Another unifying feature to the series is the Mulga logo that appears on each tee, but this time it is placed sweetly on a charming, little cloud.

This last one, Afroman, is even hairier than The Captain! Once again, that’s surely not to be taken as a bad thing – that hair brings a lot of detail to the overall design. This character feels like he is moving, with the waving lines in his face to the spirally hairs on his head, he’s coming to life. He fits in quite nicely with the other two characters in the Mulga series, though he has less solid black features on him (hat or pipe or monocle) he still brings a lot to the series, that’s for sure.

I can’t forget about the artist, can I? I must point out that these three tees were designed by Joel Moore, also known as Mulga, hence the name of the series! I took a peek at his work, it’s certainly fun to look at and, as you can tell from my review, I am a BIG fan now. Keep in touch with Mulga on Twitter, Facebook, and his Blog!

So, I think I have made it clear that I adore Triangle Motif and I would go out of my way to recommend them. The brand is unique with it’s unusual style of blanks, with a cut that gives it that indie vibe that compliments the art so well. Not only that, I find that the professional details of the brand insist I be attracted to them… obviously along with those details, the artwork is what captivates me the most – I love art, what can I say?

Thanks Triangle Motif!

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  • Douglas Henderson

    Those illustrations are pretty damn nice. Feelin the little shapes that make up the characters.

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