Blue Butter T-Shirt Review

by Ben_P on June 25, 2012

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If I were alive in the glory days of arcades this shirt would totally be the one I’d rock down there! A quirky take on the iconic Pac man and his mortal enemies the ghosts makes for a delicious ice cream treat. A clever design that I don’t think I would have thought of if it wasn’t for Blue Butter, and the cherry on top… well is the cherry on top of the design. Made using the latest DTG technologies the quality of this design is quite remarkable, the image is going no where and having had one of his shirts before I know it washes well!

The process itself leaves a slight faded look but gives the design a vintage feel. It’s a bonus too that you can pick your garment colour but I feel not all tee colours are suitable for this design. Perhaps limiting the choice to certain colours that suit it is better, but more choice is never a bad thing. It’s certainly something you’d struggle to have with screen printed shirts given the cost of producing them, as these are printed to order.

Which leads me nicely on to the turn around time, considering he has to process the order and get it printed and shipped it was a surprisingly quick process taking less than 2 weeks! I’d say that’s pretty good for the amount of steps it has to take and the fact it came to the UK from the USA. The packaging that it arrived in was nothing special but that doesn’t really bother me because a garment that’s great speaks for itself. I wish Blue Butter all the luck in the world because I love the majority of his designs and I think they’re fantastic.

I think the fact that he uses DTG is great because it allows him to get new designs out quickly, I love these designs but not all of them appeal to me as T-Shirts, however I’m very excited to see what he brings out in the future. Just as a note I own his Breaking Bad T-Shirt which is amazing (mainly because I love Breaking Bad!) At $24 I think it’s good value considering everything that has to happen for this shirt to see the day of light and the choice of garment colour too.

One very last final note I love the fact that you can purchase the designs in mens, women’s, babies and kids! I’ll certainly consider getting my nephew a kick ass design from his shop at some point soon.

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