Socially Exceptional Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 25, 2012

Live slow die whenever

Being a graphic designer/illustrator I have an interest in typography and often look upon type t-shirts with an even greater scrutinizing eye, they are hard ones to get right and I can say with a glad heart that ‘Live Slow Die Whenever’, created by Socially Exceptional, is one of those t-shirts.

These guys are hitting the nail firmly on the head on many levels with regards to representing their brand and it all starts and ends with the details. The packaged I received was in the standard jiffy bag, but check out the nice label action, I love it, yes it’s just a label, but it small details I just mentioned. After opening I found the t-shirt and goodies wrapped up in a brown bag, reminding me of the meat packs you get from the butcher in the old days. As they are striving for a vintage aesthetic, I feel that instead of sealing the parcel with cello tape, they should have possibly have used string to tie it together.

Inside, apart from the great t-shirt, was a couple of feel good messages printed on card  and  a stack of stickers, probably too many stickers. I dig stickers, but when I receive brand logo stickers, I often don’t really know what to do with them apart from letting them collect dust. Saying that I actually will stick these somewhere, publicly, like I do with mine. I like Socially Exceptional and yes I will advertise for them.

When I first unfolded the t-shirt I spied some marks on the white print and figured this had to be intentional, as there was no way you would send  t-shirt for a  review with a bad print. So not being a total tool, I know that this is to enhance the vintage and ‘real’ feel of the brand and the message. The sentiment itself is lovely, it’s carefree and a good rule that people should live by. Well not always because if I did I would not get half of what I wanted done, but it’s good to chill now and again.

The t-shirt comes with a lovely swing tag. I like the 50’s type treatment and simple black print on brown is always going to work. Swing tags are interesting because in retail they often include the prices,but there is no need real need for them on internet purchases. They do however enhance the product and make you feel like you are buying something of more value. The only tiny downside is the  label on the inside collar is the Gildan label. I want to keep to the idea that this is only  a Socially Exceptional product. Yes, people know that small companies print on t-shirt’s bought from suppliers as they don’t have the capital to get bespoke t-shirt cuts but I still want to believe they do. Does this make sense? I’m interested in the brand not Gildan. This information can be supplied at point of purchase in the detailed information.

As stated above the fabric is 100 % cotton Gildan Softstyle, in my experience they are prone to slight shrinking, but not enough to worry about. The print is white screen print with water based inks.

I spent some time perusing Socially Exceptional‘s website and found it heartwarming and authentic. They have a nice, well edited, video of friends getting lost on a road trip showcasing their t-shirts.

Great work so far guys, I love the t-shirt and I look forward to watching your progress. You can buy this limited edition Live Slow Die Whenever here for £14.99 and support them on Facebook if you so desire.

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