Notorietees: Shirts With Buzz #3 (Rhianna, Release The Tickle Monster, Three Moon Meryl Streep Shirt)

by Travis on June 26, 2012

Another week, another batch of troubled tees…

>For better or worse (and I’m not judging), Rhianna’s wardrobe choices have been trending edgy, even graphic, of late. This particular design — and the print placement — apes an iconic tat made famous by Tupac. [Media Takeout]

Good Girl Gone Bad

>It’s seemingly impossible to empathize with a now-convicted child molester, but this curious design was spotted last week at the trial for disgraced football coach, Jerry Sandusky. [Deadspin]

Insert Pithy Caption Here

>This isn’t a real tee as yet, but given the awesome power of the Internet to monetize even the most tired of memes, it likely will be. [Buzzfeed]

Mamma Mia!

>Jake Gyllenhaal gets back on the horse. (New to me, but not the Internet.) [Uproxx]

Cowboy Up

>Another week, another airline and passenger dispute. [Hip-Hop DX]

Fly The Friendly Skies

>Robert Matthew VanWinkle, a.k.a. Ice Ice Baby, garbed here in a Morning Wood Surf Shop for a recent appearance on ESPN’s Sports Center. [Deadspin]

Check Out The Hook...

>A fanmade poster for Aliens yoked around an iconic prop shirt. [Fuckyeahmovieposters]

Big things have small beginnings...

>Lastly, yet another t-shirt recall (OR dammit, there’s a clumsy football analogy in here somewhere, I just can’t seem to finesse it out). [Marketing Week]


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  • Winky Boo

    Travis I like celeb round-ups like this – keep this going!!

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