15% off at charitable tees at Motivate Clothing for HYA readers

by Andy on June 29, 2012

motivate clothing coupon code

One way to catch my attention with a pitch is to let me know that you’ve already made a coupon code which will get all you lovely readers money off their order; another method is inflating my ego, I suggest a mix of the two, but the first option is definitely effective. Motivate Clothing Co, did just that and hooked us up with 15% off the tees in their store with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS. Their tees were a reasonable $20 before so it doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to work out that you’re looking at a $3 saving on each tee, nice!

Motivate aren’t just generous with tee lovers, each of their designs gives 10% of the proceeds to a charity related to the issue being discussed on the t-shirt you buy, which is a nice touch that there is a connection between what you buy and where the charity money goes.

As usual I’d like to see some pictures of the actual shirt being worn by people (or even laid flat on the floor), but other than that there’s a lot to like about what’s going on here.

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