Grey Knight Armoured Hoodie

by Ben_P on July 1, 2012

Post image for Grey Knight Armoured Hoodie

I saw this a little while ago and my jaw pretty much dropped. I want it so very badly but it’s going to be difficult to get one because the guy (Chadwick Dillon – what a cool name!)who made them has been bombarded with emails from all over the world. I wouldn’t really know when to wear it but I think it’s so unique it’d be perfect in my wardrobe. Plus I’ve been on a Game of Thrones binge recently and that would be great to wear when doing a re-watch. If you want to try and get him to make you one, check out his Etsy. It’s been skulking around the internet for a while now but any interested probably stand more chance now since it has died down. It managed to successfully crash Etsy at a point.

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